Gerry Wilton International Chocolatier

Chocolate Team Building

Apprentice style team challenges

Awaken your teams’ passion and creativity as they unite to rescue a failing chocolate factory!


Who's it FOr?

Team Building. Corporate Events. Social Events. 

We created this event five years ago and are still the leaders in this fantastic team building activity. In fact, it’s so good ‘The Apprentice Final 2009’ copied our format in every aspect! A winning combination of a fun-based chocolate making activity and an exciting sales and marketing brief, it revitalizes and strengthens your team through a bit of healthy competition.

Ideal for group of 10 to 400

How is the Event Run?


The group is split into teams and given a business scenario in which they take over a failing British chocolate manufacturer. They must re-invent the company and turn the fortunes around. In each team selected delegates work on the marketing pitch, while the rest of the group must successfully make a selection of chocolates, as demonstrated by our expert chocolatier. The event concludes with short product pitches from each group which can be judged, or simply presented for fun.

What are the Benefits?

Fun & Creative Corporate Team Building

Delegates are involved in a fun and creative activity in which they produce a delicious end product. It’s a great event to re-energise, motivate and de-stress your staff, in a fun and friendly environment. Key skills improved are teamwork, communication, creativity, leadership, marketing and presenting to a group. The event can be used as a fun exercise or to help personal or group development.